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Have you ever felt that you are forgetting something when you got out from your car? – Have you ever had your car keys locked into your car? – Many of us have experienced this and this is nothing to be ashamed of – it happens to anyone. You just have to stay calm and react properly in order to get yourself out of the situation. I’m going to give you few useful tips how to react when this happens to you.

Case: car keys locked in my car – call the right company

First you’ll need to do is call your insurance company. They will give you information about all locksmith services which are placed near you. Yes, you can search them by yourself, but the insurance company has more experience with these kinds of services and they will give you the best of them which are licensed and known by their great work. But still, it’s totally up to you.

A locksmith service can help you with locked car keys

Second, call the locksmith service and give them information about your problem, what service will you need and information about your car model. Then, ask them to estimate the cost of the service and tell you the price over the phone. They will send their best stuff for this kind of job and come to you as soon as possible.

Third when the stuff arrives, ask them to show you their pocket license because they are obligated to bring it with them. They will pick-lock the door lock and unlock your car but if they can’t do that, they will offer you to change the whole door lock or make a key taken from the lock example.

Electronic car keys locked

If you have electronic lock system, and somehow you’ve locked them in your car, don’t worry the educated stuff that are equipped with the latest technology will reprogram or restart the car lock system and after they unlock the car they will reprogram the key. Don’t try to do this by yourself because you may make the things even harder to handle.

See? It’s not end of the world, there is solution for every car keys problem, you just need to pick the right one, and these steps are the best.