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Why do you need to have spare keys? Locksmith Philly will explain to you and get you familiar with it in a very simple way.

Sometimes when you are in hurry your original key could break or you don’t know where you have put it. In these situations you need your spare key. Do you have it? – I can assure you that this extra key is equally important as the original key. You can get your spare car key from the dealership you bought the car or get one from the best locksmith service you know.

If you got one from there and you just don’t remember where you have put it or somehow you have lost it, you should go and get one right now. There are two ways of getting it, I already said the first way by going to your car dealer and second you can save more time by going to a locksmith service, or call your locksmith to come to you. The locksmith service will help you by making it according to your car model or duplicating it your original key.

1. Spare keys based on your car model

The staff in the locksmith services is well-educated, well-trained and equipped with the latest technology and they have all the proper tools which are used to make every key for every possible car model out there. They are not handling only keys for cars they can make keys for many different vehicles. And most importantly, they are doing that very fast and for a cheap price.

2. Duplicating your original key – making spare keys

This is the fastest way of getting another key. You just need to give your original key to your service and they will do the rest. Most of the times duplicating a key is cheaper way than making it, because less time is used for this operation.

3. Electronic car keys – getting a spare key

Most of the new model cars are equipped with electronic key systems. They are more specific and based on computer technology. But no worries – nothing is impossible when you’re in the hands of a good locksmith service. Making a spare electronic key just takes time. It can be done in your local locksmith service or your dealership office. It’s same like the duplicating ordinary key, all they need to do is connect it with a computer and program it for your car model. But it’s not as easy as it looks like, don’t do it by yourself give it to someone who is educated for this. This can cost you little bit more, but it’s not unaffordable.

These are the most common ways of making a spare key for your vehicle. If you are like me and you tend to lose your keys once in two months, making one is the best investment you can make.