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I call my spare key “the lifesaver” because it saved me a lot of times when I lost my car key or when I’ve locked them in my car. It’s very important to have this key, because you’ll never know what will happen. If you want to know how long it will take a locksmith to make an extra key and what it will cost you are in the right place.

So how long would you wait for a spare key?

If you want to make your key by duplicating your master key, it won’t take much longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Your locksmith service should duplicate your key right in front of you for a decent price.

Average prices for making a spare key

  • With single cut $3.95
  • With double cut $4.50
  • Flat steel key duplication $5
  • Bit Key duplication $12
  • Duplicating Safe deposit key $8
  • Tubular key duplication $15
  • Duplicating a Key from a broken sample $7

Sometimes it happens to lose your master key and you cannot find your extra key, so making this key from nothing or to be exact making your key from lock example, this will take several minutes because of the complexity of the process. But no worries, a fast working stuff should provide you with the best service. The average prices for making this key vary from $1 for simple keys to $50 for making residential keys to $200 dollars for making and programming more complicated keys.

Spare key made by code

If your key is made by code, usually this takes an hour to two the most, but this price is different in several locksmiths. The average prices for making your key with this kind of service are:

  • For single cut the average price is $15
  • For double cut the average price is $20
  • Suitcase extra key $10
  • Motorcycle extra key $20
  • Tubular key $25

Like I said, making an extra key will save you from lot of trouble and nervous moments. It’s better to make it now for fair charge then, making it when something happens. These are the average prices, and maybe some locksmith service will charge you with more or less money, you could never know, so my advice is to be very cautious.