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Before we start with the main topic for today, let us show you the real benefits of a master key system. Locksmith Philadelphia 19130 is informing you that this secure system uses special keys that can be only copied or obtained by the locksmith that made the system. All the individuals will gain access to more doors using very few keys because the master key system works in a dynamic entity and when changes occur in your company the system quickly adapts to that changes.

There were some question by customers what is the difference between master keying and keying alike. Well, master key operates two or more locks that can be opened by two individual keys. Keying alike is to make one key that will open several doors. This is perfect for residential purposes because locksmithing one single key that will open several doors in your house is really perfect but not so safe.
So, how to maintain a secure system of this kind?

24 hour locksmith Philadelphia is your best choice for performing any issue if you have some difficulty any period in the day. Issuing high level keys shouldn’t be done lightly because lot of issues might be caused. If a key gets lost one part or the whole system will need to be re-keyed again. If someone finds that key than lots of doors will be unlocked for him or her. So here is one friendly tip that this locksmith in Philadelphia gives you for free. Hire a person who will keep every key and will collect the keys back of the employees after they no longer needs them. This is very essential and handy. You will be reminded every time to give up the key and if you lose it the key must be somewhere within your company doors. Consider calling Philadelphia’s locksmith service if you can’t find the key to re-key your system.

The key holder must know what key every employee requires. The level of the key doesn’t reflect the status of the employee that holds the key. If the boss steps in he needs only the key to his office, he doesn’t need to open every door possible in his company. On the other hand, the cleaner needs a key that have access to every door in the building. If you give high level key to someone that only needs to open one door you are risking the whole system. But of course, if trouble occurs there is always Locksmith Philadelphia 19130 to come and help you.

Maybe there is no need for making spare keys just in case. You will prove the theory that everyone needs to be responsible for their behavior. If someone forgets or loses their key that will be good lesson for the next time. But we are humans after all, and it can happen to everyone. You need to follow the procedures and call locksmith philadelphia that is responsible for your secure system issues. It will take only few minutes for a locksmith to cut a spare key. If you must have your spare keys than locking them in a safe is the smartest thing you can do. Keeping them in a drawer is too risky because drawers are the first thing that comes in thief’s mind.

You must introduce the protocols to every person involved in your company. Starting from the lowest paid employees to the CEOs. Introduce the policies about the request and distribution for new or spare keys. You should keep them posted about every change that is made to the system. Do not try to fix any problems that you don’t have the proper knowledge for it. Please be advised to call locksmith Philadelphia 19130 to handle the problem and install your secure system.

Formal requests should be made only for replacing or duplicating a key for the hired employee. For restricted keys, the locksmith that has installed your system will request signed authorization from the proper person in the company. There should be only few people included on your authorized persons list. The locksmith won’t help you with the service if the document isn’t signed by some of these people.

There other areas covered included in this service for your secure system. Your employees will need Auto locksmith Philadelphia every now and then to take a good care of their cars. You should seek for this package that involves maintenance of your secure system built into your car. Car locksmith Philadelphia is the best thing can happen to your car. You just need to contact them if you are feeling some weird things happening with your key/lock system.