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This is the most common thing that happens to all of us. Locksmiths in Philadelphia have registered thousands of lost car keys cases. I have lost my keys couple of times and I am still driving my car without any problem so if this happens don’t panic and don’t let it ruin your whole day. There is a simple solution for it.

If you have your spare car keys, problem solved

When I’ve lost my car keys for the first time I was so angry at myself that I wanted to walk to work. But I happened to have my spare key so my problem was easily solved. If you don’t have the spare key with you, your best solution is to call the local locksmith service.

Spare yourself from further car keys problems

Second, while I’m using my spare key to drive around, when I have free time I’m heading to my locksmith service to make another key which will play the role the spare key no.2. The locksmith service can help you with:

  1. Making your key – According to your car model, the well educated and equipped stuff will make your key in no time, or if you have an auto key lock service they will program your key to work on your car with no additional payments.
  2. Duplicating your key – Last time I’ve duplicated my key because this method is faster than making it and to be honest I had a lot of time so I have waited around 10 minutes and my key was ready.
  3. If you have lost your key and you don’t have a spare key, there is no room to panic. You just need to call your locksmith service and they will come to you in no time to help you with your car key problem. They will pick the lock, unlock your car and make your key and if you want they can even duplicate your key to have a spare if this happens again.

These are the best ways you can get a new key as a replacement for your old keys for your car. You don’t need to go to your dealership to ask them to give your new key. The well equipped locksmith stuff will perform any kind of service you want and will save you from any trouble and costly services.