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We can put duplicate car keys on the list of all the usual supplies that can be broken, lost, stolen and other stuff. There are many ways out there that you can use to replace them. One of them is to call a locksmith service and they can duplicate them in no time. So the question is when do I need to duplicate my car keys?

1. You’ve lost your original car keys and you need to replace them

Duplicating it is the first way and to be honest the cheapest way of replacing lost car keys. It is the cheapest way because it so much easier if you duplicate just duplicate things. If you have your spare key or you’ve lost them and you want to make a spare key from the original that is even better and faster.

2. You’ve damaged your car keys

I think you are aware that the keys can be easily damaged. I have broken my car key couple of times because I’m always in a hurry and simply I just use my spare key but later ,when I have time, I’m calling my locksmith service to duplicate my key into making it like the original again. Replacing car keys with duplicating is not hard as it looks, of course don’t do it by yourself just go to the nearest locksmith and replace it.

3. Your remote key needs recoding

This is same as the duplicating of your keys. Sometimes this can happen, your remote key may mix up the codes and don’t want to start or lock/unlock your car. Because it needs a computer based programming, doing it by yourself isn’t the best way. This kind of service can be made in a locksmith service or you can go to the manufacturer or the car dealer from where you have bought your car.

These are the most common problems out there. Every locksmith’s stuff well-trained and available 24/7 and they are equipped with latest technology for cutting or programming keys for the all car manufacturers. They are fast and efficient and can save you lot of time and money.