Did you lose your keys? and you don't have a spare one?

I can understand how frustrating and upsetting it is when you lose a key. I know how confusing it can be when you are looking up online to find somebody to come over and make a key for you without ripping you off or misleading you with wrong price quote. I’m glad you took your time to visit our web site so I encourage you to give us a call at 215 333 3464 so that we can take care of this right away and make you happy today! Call us now and hear about our affordable price quote by friendly locksmith ready to fix the problem

Locked out of your car?

Whenever you lock yourself out of your car, we can get to you as fast as we can to fix the problem. Our lock out service is at your disposal! Hear about our affordable price quote by our friendly locksmith ready to make you happy today!

Key stuck in ignition?

Bad situation happens to everyone sometimes, and then we feel angry or scared. Don't be!. We will come as soon as possible, and fix the issue. At the end you will feel safe and happy again! Do not hesitate, call us!

Key won't turn in ignition?

Key won’t turn in ignition – ignition issues are very common. Don’t bother solving the problem by yourself, this is when you give us a call and we solve it for you. The most common solution to this issue is replacing the car key with a new one.